Message of Scientific Secretary




   Marjan Asadollahi,MD

Associate Professor of Neurology/Epilepsy

Chair of 15Th Iranian International Epilepsy Congress


On behalf of Iranian epilepsy congress, it is my pleasure to announce that the 15th International epilepsy congress will be held on 23-25th of January 2019 in Tehran, Iran. This congress will be organized with the collaboration of Iranian Epilepsy Association, Iranian branch of International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and Shahid Beheshti university of medical sciences.

In this congress, we aim to focus on epilepsy hot and novel issues with collaboration of Iranian and overseas speakers in relevant fields including epilepsy, neurosurgery, psychiatry, pediatrics and radiology. We are currently working to have different sessions regarding drug resistant epilepsy, epilepsy in systemic diseases and epilepsy in ICU setting and status epilepticus. We will have interactive sessions about epilepsy surgery. Moreover, a separate session will be held about pediatrics epilepsy as well as psychiatric aspects of epilepsy and psychogenic seizures.

Several expert epileptologists are invited to attend our congress from US, UK, Sweden, Japan and Finland. I am honor to announce that the chief-editors of the valuable journals of “Epilepsia” and “seizure: European journal of epilepsy” are among our guests. We will have sessions regarding “who to publish articles in international journals”.

 We are enthusiastically looking forward to meet and interact the expert colleges in our future

congress. We will warmly accept any valuable comments, concerns or suggestion

Best Regards



 Topics of Congress


* Main topics of the congress:

Drug resistant epilepsy, medical and surgical managements

Epilepsy in systemic diseases

Psychogenic seizure and psychological aspects of epilepsy


 * Associated topics of congress:

- Paraclinic evaluation: Video EEG monitoring, Brain MRI, SPECT, PET, EEG, Brain CT

- Diagnosis and management of epilepsy

- Psychology and epilepsy

- Surgery in epilepsy

- Pathology and pathophysiology  of epilepsy

- Pitfalls of diagnosis of epilepsy

- Super refractory  status epilepticus

- Teaching Case reports

Our policy to select article for presentation is based on the main topic of the congress.



Abstracts guidelines

- The abstract should be written in English.

- The abstract should include background, methods, findings, conclusion and keywords.

- The presenter of the article should be clarified when the abstract is submitted.

- It is not possible to change the name of authors, presenter or affiliation of the authors after submission.

- CME is given to the presenter of article or poster only if the presentation is done.

- If one author has more than one presentation, CME is just given for one presentation.

- The results of the peer review of abstracts will be announced in the site of congress.

- CME is just given to presenter of article if he is the first author.

- Articles are presented as poster or oral.

- Abstracts are printed in the book of congress, in the same form that has been accepted, so authors are responsible for the scientific content or style of writing of the abstract.


Please send your abstract to the email of congress

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Location of 15th Epilepsy Congress

Iran , Tehran , National Library,Tehran


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